Two new ambassadors for peace admitted to the African Observatory of Positive Sanctions

The African Observatory of Positive Sanctions (OASP) conferred, on Saturday in Kinshasa, the symbolic title of ambassador of peace, to Reverend Lala Gustave Unsi Libay, coordinator of Protestant convention schools and Prof. Bienvenu Karakubwa.

OASP’s Commissioner General, Jacques André Kabwit Muyej, praised the moral values ​​of Reverend Lala Gustave, highlighting his dedication to the training of youth and his ability to defuse management conflicts within Protestant institutions.

As for the second laureate, he noted his role in the civil society of the DRC and his intellectual qualities, indicating that he is the author of a book entitled « The construction of peace and the role of MONUSCO « .

Mr. Kabwit urged them to remain respectful of national and international laws, to ensure that abstain from antivaleurs, before reassuring them of the support of his structure in the promotion of their ideas.

Created in 2001, the OASP is an association that aims to highlight positive actions by personalities or Congolese structures living or dead. It aims to create a better dynamic, a craze for positive values, it is reported. ACP / Kayu / JGD